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Selected beech boules and boards Grade S "Veneer"

  • Logs sawn into un-edged boards
  • Special grade from veneer logs, natural white colour

Product presentation

  • Beech logs from French PEFC certified forests, from low altitude coppices with standards
  • Boules debarked and cleanly trimmed 
  • Logs sawn into boards then reassembled into boules or bundled
  • Fresh sawn timber, air dried in a warehouse to prevent checks or kiln dried
  • Stored on PVC sticks to control stains
  • Boules and bundles strapped and identified with barcode label

Dimensions and quality

4 to 8 m

mainly 60 cm
and over

41-51-54-65 mm

  • The accuracy of the sawing is checked on a daily basis with an overmeasure

Option: steaming


High quality grade. Long lengths for fittings and stairs
Major, large-scale or luxury structures

Measurement and grading carried out on green tally. Minimum volume: 5 m3 per thickness