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Kiln dried square-edged Beech Boules
Grade F-B A and F-B 1

  • Boules square-edged after kiln drying
  • "Cabinet Making" and “Fine Joinery-Cabinet Making" Grades called “Eb“ and “BME”

Product presentation

  • Beech from French mostly PEFC certified forests
  • Boules dried on PVC anti-stain sticks, edged after drying, according to dimensions requested
  • Square-edged timber bundled, strapped and identified with barcode label

Dimensions and quality

2 to 5 m

mainly 150 mm

51-54-65 mm

  • Sawing accuracy verified daily
  • Fairly straight widthways, no "banana effect" due to cutting of kiln dried wood
  • Application of European grading system

Options: red heart quality, steaming, heat treatment (TMW)


Interesting grade for joinery, stairs, cladding

Measurement and grading carried out on green tally. Minimum volume: 5 m3 per thickness