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  • Terrace Decking strips: Square-edged, planed, natural or TMW. Joists on request

Product presentation

  • Sawn French Oak and Acacia from PEFC certified forests, natural or heat treated (TMW: Thermally modified wood), planed
  • Brown-grey colour with time or chocolate-brown colour after Thermally modification process
  • Dispatched on pallets, identified with barcode labels, with square-cut ends
  • Joists on request

Dimensions and quality

1 000 up to
3 000 mm

140 mm

22-29 mm

Machining accuracy verified daily

  • Natural oak: Standardised grade Q-F 1b to Q-F3
  • TMW oak: mixed grades Q-F 1b to Q-F 3 with sound knots 
  • Natural acacia: sound knots permitted

Class 4 French standard for contact with soil and water

Options: shaping or grooving of strips

Raw joists 50x27, 50x54, 80x54 mm or planed 40x22, 40x45, 70x45 mm




No additives or chemicals, recommended for public and private developments, terraces, swimming pools.
Naturally durable or reinforced French wood replacing tropical wood suffering from deforestation.

Information: installation of landscape sleepers can round off the development

Minimum surface area: 200 m²