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TMW rough strips<br/>Oak, Beech, Poplar, Ash

  • Square-edged Thermally Modified Wood

Product presentation

  • Sawn Oak, Beech, Poplar, Ash from French PEFC certified forests; naturally sustainable or reinforced, locally sourced timber replacing tropical wood.
  • Thermally Modified Wood (TMW) resulting in a chocolate-brown colour, neutralising the natural nervousness of the wood, limiting the migration of tannins in oak.
  • Strips with smooth finish, placed on pallets, square cut, with barcode

Dimensions and quality

1 000 up to
3 000 mm

140 mm

22-29 mm

Machining accuracy controlled for each batch

  • OAK: Standardised grade, mixed Q-F 1b, Q-F 2, Q -F 3 with sound knots permitted
  • BEECH: sound knots permitted
  • POPLAR  sound knots permitted
  • ASH sound knots permitted

Options: various profiles (smooth, reeded, grooved)


Decking, building cladding as well as promenades in parks and gardens, bridges

Minimum surface area: 200 m²