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Oak landscape sleepers Grade Q-P 2

  • Fresh sawn beams
  • Rustic quality

Product presentation

  • Oak logs from French mostly PEFC certified forests
  • Fresh logs, debarked then cut into beams on request
  • Beams of nominal lengths, strapped in bundles, identified with barcode label
  • Delivery within 2 to 3 weeks, after order confirmed, for fresh sleepers 
  • Stocks of air dried sleepers available

Dimensions and quality

1 to 2,6 m and

  • Cross-sections 100 x 200mm, 120 x 245mm, 150 x 240mm, 160 x 260mm and others on request
  • Quality in compliance with European grading system
  • Grade Q-P 2: 2 sharp edges, various colours

Options: planing, 2 or 4 weathered points, air dried (existing grey-brown coloration)


For outdoor creations, gardens and public parks, retaining structures, railway track sleepers and decorative components.


Measurement and grading carried out on green tally. Minimum volume: 5 m3 per thickness