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TMW Oak strips – Decking and Cladding

  • Square-edged Heat Treated Timber

Product presentation

  • Oak logs from French mostly PEFC certified forests
  • Thermally Modified Wood (TMW process) ensuring the stability of the material over time, reinforced qualities for outdoor use, limiting the amount of tannin and giving it a chocolate colour
  • Strips planed and packaged on pallets, strapped, identified with barcode label, with square-cut ends

Dimensions and quality

1500 to 3000 mm

mm (finished)

22-29 mm

  • Machining accuracy verified daily
  • Quality in compliance with European grading: Mixed grades Q-F 1b, Q-F 2, Q -F3 for 90%, sound knots permitted
  • Produced from oak in compliance with Class 4 of the French standard NF EN 335-2 - wood in contact with soil and water

Options: profiling or grooving of boards


For outdoor use in view of its reinforced durability for terraces, promenades in parks and gardens, bridges and building cladding.
It is suitable for indoor use and decorative use due to its colour.
TMW can be used in all sectors as it contains no chemicals.

Information: decking strips also available in natural oak

Minimum surface area: 200 m²