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Dimensional Oak stocks: "the must"

  • Dimensional stocks sawn from dried boards, of specific width and length on request
  • Possibility of planing

Product presentation

  • Oak logs from French mostly PEFC certified forests
  • Logs sawn into boards, air dried in warehouse and kiln dried
  • Cuts on request from dried boards with 10-12% moisture content
  • Cuts packaged wood on wood, strapped on pallets, wrapped in plastic film, identified with barcode label, with square-cut ends

Dimensions and quality

260 to 3000 mm

40 to 240 mm

18 to 54 mm

  • Sawing accuracy verified daily
  • Fairly straight widthways, no "banana effect" due to cutting after drying
  • Guaranteed with no splits at the ends
  • Quality in compliance with European grading system :

Q-F1a: 1st grade 3 / 4 clear faces
Q-F1b, sound knots 12 mm in diameter permitted
Q-F 2, sound knots 25 mm in diameter permitted
Q-F 3, sound knots 40 mm in diameter permitted
Q-F 4, sound knots 70 mm in diameter permitted

Options: prestigious quality, sapwood on 1 or 4 faces, heat treatment (TMW), planing


High quality product, for the manufacturing of kitchen cabinets, furniture, parquet, flooring as well as luxury boxes, wooden displays, woodenware, POS advertising

Minimum volume: 100 pieces per dimension.