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Square-edged oak
- Fresh sawn strips
Grade Q-F 2/3

  • Fresh square-edged planks
  • Drying and TMW on request

Product presentation

  • Oak logs from French PEFC certified forests
  • Cuts on request from fresh logs 
  • Square-edged timber packaged on wooden sticks or wood on wood
  • In bundles strapped and identified with barcode label

Dimensions and quality

1 to 4 m

80 to 240 mm

27 mm and

  • Width with 20 mm increments on request, thickness on request
  • Sawing accuracy verified daily
  • Quality in compliance with European grading system : mixture of grades Q-F 2 and Q-F 3
  • Sound knots from 12 to 40 mm in diameter permitted for 90%
  • Slight warp permitted due to pre-drying or drying

Options : Drying, Heating (TMW)


Product essentially intended for cladding, decking, fencing as well as parquet, floorings.


Measurement and grading carried out on green tally. Minimum volume: 5 m3 per thickness