Square-edged Oak Boules Grade Q-B A

  • Square-edged after kiln drying
  • "Cabinet Making" Grade (called “Eb”)

Product presentation

  • Oak from French PEFC certified forests
  • Boules dried on dry profiled wooden anti-stain sticks,  
  • Edged, after kiln drying, to requested dimensions
  • Square-edged timber bundled, strapped and identified with barcode label

Dimensions and quality

2,10 to 7 m

mainly 200 mm
and over

70 mm

  • Sawing accuracy verified daily
  • Quality in compliance with European grading
  • Fairly straight widthways, no "banana effect" due to cutting kiln dried wood
  • Light colour due to the selection of forests where the logs are felled


Interesting grade for manufacturing stairs (strings, handrails), shop fittings, mouldings, furniture requiring large pieces.

Measurement and grading carried out on green tally. Minimum volume: 5 m3 per thickness

Square-edged Oak Boules Grade Q-B A

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