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Other hardwoods


Ash, Sycamore, Cherry and other rare species

Product presentation

  • Logs of Ash, Sycamore, Cherry and other rare species from French mstly PEFC certified forests
  • Boules debarked and cleanly trimmed
  • Logs sawn into boards then reassembled into boules or bundled
  • Fresh timber, air dried in a warehouse to prevent checks or kiln dried
  • Stored on profiled PVC sticks to control stains
  • Boules and boards strapped and identified with barcode label

Dimensions and quality

2 to 5 m

Mainly 30 cm
and over

18 to 80 mm

  • Sawing carried out with an overmeasure
  • Operations can be customized in accordance with specifications

  • Grade Eb, BME, BME/BR, BM, BM/BR, MO


Stairs, joinery, furniture, boxes and decoration in view of the specific colours and grain

Measurement and grading carried out on green tally with fresh sawn timber. Minimum volume: 5 m3 per thickness