Oak 3-ply glue laminated blocks

  • Blocks made on request by gluing 3 solid dry square-edged pieces

Product presentation

  • Oak from French mostly PEFC certified forests
  • Blocks made on request from dimensional stocks dried with 10-12% moisture content and using plain edge gluing
  • Blocks packaged on pallets, strapped and wrapped in plastic film, identified with barcode label

Dimensions and quality

300 to 4 500

74 - 84 - 94 mm

63 mm

  • Length:  300 to 2 400 mm without finger jointing, 300 to 2 400 mm with finger jointing
  • Machining accuracy verified daily
  • Guaranteed with no splits at the ends
  • Quality of square-edged timber in compliance with European standard: Q-F1a, Q-F1b, Q-F 2

Options: Sapwood permitted on 1 face or 4 faces

Grade A: 2-ply solid outdoor without finger jointing
               1-ply interior with finger jointing
Grade Z:  3-ply solid with finger jointing


Product for manufacturing door frames and windows. Implemented with a finish revealing the natural light colour of oak, painted or covered with aluminium and other materials.


Minimum volume: 50 pieces per dimension.

Oak 3-ply glue laminated blocks Application Oak 3-ply glue laminated blocks Application Oak 3-ply glue laminated blocks

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