TMW Beech strips Cladding

  • Square-edged heat treated planed timber

Product presentation

  • Beech logs from French mostly PEFC certified forests
  • Heat treated sawn timber (TMW process) ensuring the stability of the material over time, reinforcing qualities for outdoor use and giving it a chocolate colour
  • Strips planed and packaged on pallets, strapped, identified with barcode label, with square-cut ends

Dimensions and quality

1500 to 3000

140 mm

22-29 mm

  • Machining accuracy verified daily
  • Grade F-D 1 and F- D 2, sound knots permitted
  • Product comparable to Class 3 of French standard

Options: various profiles (smooth, reeded, grooved)


Product preferred for outdoor use in view of its reinforced durability for building cladding.
A fortiori, it is suitable for outdoor use and decorative use due to its colour.
TMW can be used in all sectors as it contains no chemicals.

Minimum surface area: 200 m²

TMW Beech strips Cladding Application TMW Beech strips Cladding Application TMW Beech strips Cladding

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