Dimensional Beech stocks: "the must"

  • Dimensional stocks cut according to your dimensions, from kiln dried boards, of fixed width and length, with possibility of planing

Product presentation

  • Beech logs from French mostly PEFC certified forests
  • Logs sawn into boards, air dried in warehouse and kiln dried
  • Cuts on request from kiln dried boards with 10-12% moisture content
  • Cuts packaged wood on wood, on pallets strapped, wrapped in plastic film, identified with barcode label
  • With square-cut ends

Dimensions and quality

260 to 3000 mm

40 to 240 mm

20-27 to 60

  • Sawing accuracy verified daily
  • Fairly straight widthways, no "banana effect" due to cutting of dried wood
  • Guaranteed with no cracks at the ends 
  • Application of European grading system : F-D1 3 / 4 clear faces
  • Other grades and dimensions on request

Other options: red heart quality, steaming, heat treatment (TMW), planing



High quality products, for the manufacturing of kitchens, furniture, furniture for institutions (hospitals, schools, cafeterias...), parquet, flooring as well as boxes and other woodenware, POS advertising

Minimum volume: 100 pieces per dimension.

Dimensional Beech stocks: "the must" Application Dimensional Beech stocks: "the must" Application Dimensional Beech stocks: "the must"

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